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Income Protection Insurance | Job Centre Changes

Income Protection - An Essential Survival Strategy(07-May-2014)

Income Protection Insurance is increasingly becoming a MUST HAVE for the 30 Million people working in the UK. With the latest announcements of Job Centre that they will be imposing severe restrictions and conditions for the long term unemployed, having a cover for unemployment is becoming an imperative.

job-centre The Government has announced  recently that the long term  unemployed have to turn up at the  Job Centre every day to sign  on. They should participate in any  training programmes  suggested to  them. Further more, if  on job  seekers allowance  due to being  long term unemployed, should be  available to work  free and take up     ZERO hour contracts. 

 The challenge is not only financial but also can be very  demoralising for anyone to work FREE and be forced to go onto  ZERO hour contracts.

 Best Income Insurance also has the added benefit of support to  write CVs and look for jobs. A confidential helpline with an expert can make a huge difference to someone who is unemployed, with bills piling on one side and no income to fall back upon.

Alongside this, access to £25,000 of legal expenses and a 24x7 hotline to legal experts truly helps Best Income Insurance stand apart.

Best Income Insurance also pays you if you are on reduced working hours resulting in loss of income and caters for short term assignments during your claim. 

The product is rated 5 Stars, available if you are "Living and working in the UK" starting from as low as £3.86 per £100 of cover.

Kesh Thukaram, Director Best Insurance added that Best Income Insurance has been designed with years of experience and keeping the customer at the fore-front. The various unique benefits deliver true value to our customers. 

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