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Scotland, North East England & London- Hardest Places To Find A Job

The latest report published by the TUC (The Trades Union Conference) highlights the areas where it is most difficult to find a job in the UK. As per the latest figures on Unemployment, currently there are 2.68 Million who are unemployed and as per the Job Centre, there are about 400,000 active vacancies. So where are these jobs and where is it most difficult to find a job. The latest report published by TUC which lists the total claimants to vacancies by each region highlights the areas where people are struggling to find jobs.
The spectrum is varied. In the City of London, there are more vacancies than people looking for jobs and in a few miles away in Lewisham, London there are about 34 people for every vacancy. The three hardest areas hit by non-availability of jobs are Scotland wherein there are 12 people per every vacancy; followed by North East England wherein there are 11 people per every vacancy and in London where in there are 10 people after every vacancy. This report also raises question, whether London is the place to go for jobs.
The spate of redundancies has not decreased and every day the news is still filled with the news of people being made redundant. 
Kesh Thukaram, Director of Best Insurance continues to emphasise that redundancy protection insurance is very important especially for the ones who are full time employed. He adds that it is not only more difficult to find jobs now but the challenge is also to find a job that inspires people and allows them to contribute effectively. All too often, people tend to take jobs as they have spending commitments to meet and never enjoy what they do for work, this leads to stress at work and arguably puts people at risk of redundancy as their output is not sufficient.
Redundancy Protection Insurance can be taken either from back to day 1 basis or with an excess. It is important to check as to what the ìpayments in lieuî is in the employment contracts as regardless of the excess taken by the policy holder; the insurers do not have the obligation to pay until this ìlieu in notice periodî is completed. Redundancy Protection Insurance also gives people the essential breathing space so that they can take a job that inspires them rather than taking up a job that will just be a job to meet their expenses. Redundancy Protection Insurance taken on the basis of mortgages, loans or rent or other commitments are often termed as Payment Protection Insurance and if the policy is taken purely on the basis of income, they are termed as Income Protection Insurance. 
Best Insurance has a wide range of Redundancy Protection Insurance and the Redundancy Protection Insurance can either be of Payment Protection type or Income Protection type. Best Insurance has a panel of insurers to choose from to offer the Redundancy Protection Insurance. The Redundancy Protection Insurance benefits last for 12 months or 18 months. Some Redundancy Protection Insurance covers also offer back to work assistance. It is important to read through the policy wordings before you buy Redundancy Protection Insurance as each of the Redundancy Protection Insurance policies come with their own unique requirements.

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