Government's plans to make sacking easy

Sackings made easier? New plans announced by Chancellor George Osborne

As per the latest reports, the government is reviewing some of the critical areas of employment law and if the government gets to pass legislation on their current plans, the employees will have to constantly watch out as it will be very easy to fire people and make mass redundancies.

Employment rules governing levels of compensation for workplace discrimination, and consultation time periods for job losses are also being reviewed.

Chancellor George Osborne said that if the government was to support job creation it could not "shy away from looking at difficult issues".

In terms of collective redundancy, companies planning to lay off large numbers off staff have to hold a consultation lasting at least 90 days. It has been reported that the government is also reviewing protection of staff terms and conditions when a firm is transferred to a new owner & commonly referred to as Transfer of Undertaking (TUPE). It has also been reported that EU regulations on employment transfers may limit the scope for change.

Business groups have apparently been lobbying and urging the ministers that not having the flexibility to sack people immediately and go on paying workers for weeks after deciding to sack them places an undue burden on companies trying to cut costs urgently.

The Confederation of British Industries (CBI) welcomed the Chancellorís announcement, saying the review of employment law was "long overdue".

Kesh Thukaram, Director of Best Insurance said that while it is essential to ensure that the employment laws are not overly bureaucratic and should give all the necessary flexibility to employers to make such quick decisions, it should not be at the cost of employees losing out. It is a very tough economic climate and people losing jobs are not finding it easy to find new ones. The unemployment numbers are all time high and the government should not make any hasty decisions which will make the situation any worse.

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