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Protect your pocket and your peace of mind with the Best income protection insurance policies on the market today. If you’re injured or ill, or if you’re made involuntarily unemployed, you can make sure you aren’t left out in the cold by using your monthly income protection benefits to cover your outgoings, like mortgage or rent payments, household bills, and food shops.

So what exactly is Income Protection Insurance?

Income protection insurance is exactly what it says on the tin; it’s an insurance policy that replaces your income when you’re unable to work because you’ve been in an accident, you’ve fallen sick, or you’ve been made unemployed for reasons that aren’t your fault. You might be asking yourself “well, why isn’t it called income replacement insurance instead, then?”, but there’s a good reason for that: when you take out an income protection policy, what you’re really doing isn’t replacing your income, but protecting it from future loss.

Say that you were knocked off your bike on a Sunday and broke your leg. Do you think that you’d be able to make it into work on Monday? And would it even be fair to expect you to, when you have so much recovery ahead of you? Surely, it’s better for your health if you stay at home and rest?

That’s what your income protection insurance policy is for. Sometimes known as ASU insurance or Long-Term Income Protection Insurance (LTAS), this kind of policy will pay you on a monthly basis, replacing your income when you’re unable to work because you’ve been injured, fallen ill, or even been made involuntarily unemployed. That means you can focus on recovering or finding a new job with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all your necessities – like your utilities, or your rent, or your household expenses – are taken care of.

Why Income Protection Insurance?

Everyone gets sick, suffers an injury, or even loses their job at some point in their lifetimes. Maybe you were in a car accident on your way to work one morning, or maybe you caught a nasty flu from a niece or nephew; maybe your company was downsizing and your job role unfortunately became unnecessary, or maybe a restructure left you without a position.

An estimated 36.8 million working days were lost because of illness or injury in 2021/22 according to HSE, so whatever it is, the chances are pretty high that you’ve experienced some kind of interruption in your work life. And when that happened, did you lose out on income? Did you have to scrounge to make ends meet, or maybe even borrow money from a friend or family member?

If so, then an income protection policy could’ve saved you from that kind of embarrassment. Income protection is for everyone worried about what would happen to them if they suddenly lost their income – which, really, should be anyone with an income at all. We insure our phones, our cars, our houses, our pets… even certain expensive goods, like fridges or sofas. Why is it, then, that we don’t insure the thing that pays for all these things; our income?

No one wants to be kept up late worrying about what would happen if they lost their income, but it’s easy to fall down that rabbit-hole. With an income protection insurance policy, you can claw your way out of it by reminding yourself that your outgoings – bills, rent, everyday essentials like lunch or dinner, and much more – are covered even in the absolute worst-case scenario.

Interested in investing in that kind of peace of mind for yourself? Why not get in touch with the team at Best Insurance today and have a chat about what income protection insurance can do to help you be the Best you?

Why choose Best Insurance for your Income Protection needs?

Here at Best Insurance, we really pride ourselves on doing the very Best for all our customers by taking care of all the hard work for you, so you can focus on the things that we all know matter most; your lifestyle, your loved ones, and your future. The relationships we’ve built up with insurers across the market over the years guarantee that we can offer you a huge range of policies to choose from, and our years of experience mean that we can give you some of the Best advice about what choices are most fitting for you, your needs, and your circumstances.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new policy, renew an existing one, or even make a claim on one, you can trust in Best Insurance to look out for your Best interests.


And if that’s not enough to convince you, we have…

  • Some of the best customer service in the UK, with a 4.8/5-star rating according to our reviews
  • Years of experience in the income protection insurance market under our belts, which means that not only do we know what we’re talking about, but also that we’ve built up…
  • Phenomenal relationships with all the best insurers across the market, so we can find the product that’s right for you
  • Experience in underwriting and how to engage with different medical conditions
  • Most competitive rates for income protection, designed to work for any budget – whether low or high