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Unemployment Protection Insurance

Designed specifically to take care of you when you’ve unexpectedly lost your job, so you can set about looking for the Best replacement for you without worrying over financial pressure.

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Best’s unemployment protection policies are here to guard your finances against unemployment, which is always so draining otherwise – both financially and emotionally. With your bank account, lifestyle, and responsibilities protected, you can go about your job hunt with the luxury of choice, able to take what occupation suits you Best and not just what will keep a roof over your head.

‘Unemployment protection insurance’ can sound pretty complicated at first, but don’t worry – we’re here to break it down for you.

Similarly to our accident & sickness insurance, unemployment protection insurance is a personal insurance policy linked to you – not to your neighbour, or your partner, or your parent. Acting as your personal financial life jacket, this insurance works hard to keep you afloat if you lose your job and find yourself drifting out to sea. It covers you against the fear of the unknown, which is the fear that’s probably most detrimental to your peace of mind. Who hasn’t been kept up late at night, wondering what would happen if they suddenly lost their job?

With Best Insurance, though, you can sleep easy knowing that your biggest problems are taken care of. If you work more than 16 hours a week and live in the UK, you can protect your pocket with unemployment protection insurance. Benefits are linked to how much you earn, which means that your policy will cover a percentage of your weekly/monthly wages or salary. The gist of the idea is that this kind of insurance will replace the majority of your income – not all of it (however nice that might be to think about).

But that still means that you’d be better off with unemployment protection than without it. If you were made unemployed, your policy with us would pay you a percentage of your salary either monthly or weekly. You can do whatever you like with that money once you’ve got it – whether that’s covering your bills, paying your rent, repaying debts, or even buying your weekly grocery shop. By taking the pressure off, we hope you can find a replacement job that Best fits your experience, financial needs, and chosen field. No one, after all, wants to be forced to take a job that doesn’t suit them just so they don’t go hungry.

Why Unemployment Insurance?

Having a job is one of those things that we’re all guilty of taking for granted sometimes. The last few years, though, have taught us just how quickly these things can dry up; unemployment levels have calmed down a bit recently, but no one will forget the dreaded furloughs of 2020 any time soon.

But despite that, shocking research by the FCA from 2022 claims that about 30% of people in the UK have no savings at all! That means that if 30% of Brits suddenly lost their jobs, they’d have nowhere to turn to; nothing to keep them going for the weeks or maybe even months it would take them to find a job in their chosen field.

By giving you tax-free monthly payments when you’re made involuntarily unemployed, unemployment protection insurance takes worries about what you’re going to do and how you’re going to live right off your plate, so you can focus on all the other, meatier, more important things – like finding a new occupation that suits you. Your mortgage or rent payments, your energy bills, your loan repayments, even your grocery shop – all these things can be covered by the benefits you receive from an unemployment protection policy.

So if you’re interested in protecting your peace of mind in arguably one of the worst situations imaginable, get in touch with our team at Best Insurance today to talk about how unemployment protection insurance might be able to help you be the Best you today.

Why choose Best Insurance for your Unemployment Protection needs?

Here at Best Insurance, we really pride ourselves on doing the very Best for all our customers by taking care of all the hard work for you, so you can focus on the things that we all know matter most; your lifestyle, your loved ones, and your future. The relationships we’ve built up with insurers across the market over the years guarantee that we can offer you a huge range of policies to choose from, and our years of experience mean that we can give you some of the Best advice about what choices are most fitting for you, your needs, and your circumstances.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new policy, renew an existing one, or even make a claim on one, you can trust in Best Insurance to look out for your Best interests.


 And if that’s not enough to convince you, we have…

  • Some of the best customer service in the UK, with a 4.8/5-star rating according to our reviews
  • Years of experience in the unemployment protection insurance market under our belts, which means that not only do we know what we’re talking about, but also that we’ve built up…
  • Phenomenal relationships with all the best insurers across the market, so we can find the product that’s right for you
  • Experience in underwriting
  • Most competitive rates for redundancy protection, designed to work for any budget – whether low or high