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Regular Commitments Protection Insurance

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If you want to have a comprehensive insurance against unemployment, accident and sickness that will cover all your monthly commitments and protect your lifestyle, then Regular Commitments Protection Insurance is the best choice for you.

Regular Commitments Protection Insurance covers you against unemployment and also loss of income due to accident or sickness. This product allows you to cover all your regular monthly outgoings. The policy is tailor made to your individual requirements and as it is a bespoke benefit type policy, the policy benefits are more comprehensive and also the pricing in many instances is more competitive. However, you will have to itemise all your regular monthly outgoings to an advisor as the policy is constructed around your specific commitments.

“Regular Commitments Protection Insurance” is a form of payment protection insurance as it protects your payments. The product is popularly known as Keystone and one of the few defaqto 5 start products. These policies can cover up to 90% of your net monthly income or £3,000 whichever is the lower. The main objective of this insurance is to provide you with the maximum possible benefit which will allow you to maintain your lifestyle in case of loss of income due to redundancy, unemployment, accident or sickness.

One of the advantages of “Regular Commitments Protection Insurance” is that these policies provide up to 18 months of benefits. The other advantages of this payment protection type product are that you don’t need to have any mortgage, loan or rent to qualify for this product. So long as you have a regular monthly commitment and can itemise it, you can cover it. When the claims are paid, the benefit amount is transferred to you directly for you to distribute accordingly, however it is entirely up to you as to how you may want to use the money.

Regular Commitments Protection Insurance is one of the best-selling products that can be used to cover loss of income due to redundancy, unemployment, accident and sickness. While having a secure job and a regular monthly income, it is easy to take things for granted. But when the income stops due to being made redundant or due to not being able to work because of accident or sickness, even the smallest of the bills can become a major source of stress. There is no joy in looking for jobs and at the same time struggling to pay bills and that is where “Regular Commitments Protection Insurance” of keystone becomes handy.

If you are in the fortunate position of not having any mortgage, loans or rents to pay and just your life style, this keystone policy is yet again one of those policies that will enable you insure just your outgoings. Most insurers insist on having a major commitment such as mortgage, loan or rent but with this Keystone policy, you get all the comprehensive benefits of a payment protection policy and you don’t have to pay towards the more expensive income protection policies (in some instances, income protection insurance may be more cost effective as the pricing for keystone policy changes from person to person and is highly dependent on your commitments).

Unemployment, Accident or Sickness can happen to anyone

Regular Commitments Protection Insurance can make a big difference if you are unemployed or unable to work due to accident or sickness. It is essential in the current economic situation to have a fall back in case you lose your job or are made redundant. Sometimes it can be the smallest of the accidents or some dreaded sickness that can put you out of work. The last thing you would want is to worry about where your next month’s income would come from. Regular Commitments Protection Insurance can pay up to 18 months of benefit and up to a maximum of £3,000 if such unforeseen circumstances happen to you. As these policies are bespoke structured to your requirements, you will need to speak to an advisor.

Regular Commitments Protection Insurance can help you maintain your life style

Sometimes having that gym membership, money to pay your mobile phone bills, pay school fees, child care or alimony can become a big source of stress if you happen to lose your source of income, made redundant or unemployed. The situation can be worse if you are unable to work due to accident or sickness. The last thing you would want in such unfortunate circumstances is to also worry about your income. You need that space to take the foot off the pedal and some certainty until you find your next job or able to get back to work in case of an accident or sickness. Regular Commitments Protection Insurance also allows you to cover over and above your commitments. The comprehensive nature of these keystone policies, the longer monthly benefit periods, higher benefit amount and lower initial exclusion of just 60 days make it one of the most comprehensive payment protection type products available today.

Regular Commitments Protection is an affordable way to have higher benefit amounts and longer benefit periods

Increasingly there are few insurers who offer benefit amounts more than £1,500 or £2,000. Also due to the current economic climate, the insurers are tending to increase the initial exclusion periods and the most common for unemployment is currently 90 days or 120 days. This Keystone insurance is one of the policies that not only offer one of the highest benefit amounts but also the lowest initial exclusion for unemployment insurance. Added to this if you consider the maximum of 18 months that these policies offer, undoubtedly they are one of the best policies available in this category. Due to the bespoke nature of this product, the advisor has to validate that the policy suits your requirements and hence please call us on 0330 330 9465 or just let us know when it is convenient for you and we will be more than happy to call you back.

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