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Why Best Insurance?

At Best Insurance, our biggest concern is making sure that you can be the Best you. What does that mean? It means giving you the time, resources, and then the protection to achieve true peace of mind and go back to doing the important things in your life – like seeing family or going to the gym – worry-free.

What do we do?

It’s our job to provide you with as much information and expertise necessary to buy the insurance products you need at the best price online. No one policy fits everyone – though it’d be nice if it did, wouldn’t it? – so we’re here to make sure you’re set up with the insurance policy that’s right for you; not for your neighbour, or your mates, or your in-laws, or whoever it is that might’ve suggested you take out a policy.

This way, you get the most out of what you’re paying for and can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re as protected as you feasibly can be – whether that’s against accident and sickness, unemployment, private medical expenses, or worries about what financial situation your loved ones will be in after you pass. And isn’t that kind of peace of mind invaluable, in the end?

What makes Best the Best?

There are hundreds of insurance providers out there now for you to pick and choose from. What makes us unique? Well, besides our experience, our stellar customer service, and our dedication to helping you become the best you can be, that is?
Not only do we broker from the wider market, but we also design our own insurance products in tandem – giving us an edge over most other brokers across the industry. That means that you can get the biggest bang for your buck by comparing a wide range of quotes from both us and other market leading insurers, so you can get the right policy for you.

Our values


to providing the very Best service and policies to protect you, your lifestyle, and your loved ones


for you and those important to you, particularly in times of vulnerability when you need us most


in all things insurance, so you can feel secure in making the very Best decision for your situation


in our products to give you the most comprehensive cover at the best possible price, year-on-year


in all things, so we can establish a strong mutual trust between us and you moving forwards

Our mission

To spread the word about the benefits of income protection insurance to those in need – which, let’s be honest, is most of us. Unless you have a pretty substantial amount of savings that you can fall back on if you’re taken out of work because of injury, illness, or involuntary redundancy, income protection insurance is vital to secure your financial future.

For some reason, though, income protection insurance is still relatively unknown – especially when you compare it with something like home insurance. Isn’t that strange, when you think about it? Insuring your income should surely be more important than insuring, say, your phone, even if you do spend hours on your phone every day. Could you even afford phone insurance if you were to lose your salary?

When you think about it like that, don’t you think that income protection insurance is something all of us should be taking a lot more seriously?

Meet the team

Our team of dedicated industry professionals are committed to providing an outstanding service. Meet a few of our team members below.

Kesh Thukaram


Stuart Boseley


Bronja Whitlock

Sales Manager

Graham Wallace

IT Manager

Rachel Deller

Finance Manager