We’re a team of dedicated industry professionals who provide comprehensive and competitive income protection insurance policies, along with all the resources required to fully understand the benefits of our products.

What we do

At Best Insurance, we provide our customers with a wealth of information and knowledge, empowering them with the resources and expertise required to purchase the best and most appropriate products for themselves online. Best Insurance provides easy-to-read, watch-and-listen information that’s available to every person considering Income Protection.

The founders of Best Insurance, Kesh Thukaram and Stuart Boseley, have the experience of leading and managing several successful businesses in the insurance and financial service sectors. Their extensive experience helps the business in spearheading innovation in the area of income protection and their passion for customer service has resulted in Best Insurance growing from strength to strength.

We are unique in the industry, as not only do we design our own insurance products, we broker from the wider market. This allows you to compare a wide range of quotes from market leading insurers, so you can be sure you can find the right policy for you

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the word about the benefits of income protection insurance to those who need it, which is most of us. Unless you have a substantial amount of savings that you are willing to use in the unfortunate event of redundancy or illness, income protection insurance is vital in securing your financial future.

Income Protection Insurance, compared to home insurance or contents insurance, is still relatively unheard of by the majority of the public. When you really think about, should insuring your pho ne be more important than insuring your income – that pays your bills, mortgage, rent, groceries and outgoings? Could you even afford your other insurance products if you were to lose your salary? When you think about it this way, it becomes evident than income protection insurance is something we all should be taking seriously.

Our Values

At Best Insurance, we pride ourselves on our following values.


We strive to continually innovate our products to provide you with the most comprehensive cover at the best possible price.


We believe that everybody should have accessible information to understand the importance and the benefits of income protection.


Honesty comes first at Best Insurance. We offer our services based on a mutual trust between us.


We’re human, and we understand that this insurance is often required at times of need or vulnerability.


We are committed to providing an excellent service and comprehensive policies that protect our customers and their loved ones.

Meet the Team

Our team of dedicated industry professionals are committed to providing an outstanding service. Meet a few of our team members below.

Kesh Thukaram


Stuart Boseley


Rachel Deller

Finance Manager