Income Protection Insurance

Enjoy peace of mind and continue to pay your essential outgoings each month irrespective of accident, sickness, unemployment or redundancy. Best Income Insurance is an income protection cover. that is designed to protect your monthly income if you were to fall sick, have an accident that forces you out of work or are made redundant.

How does Best Income Insurance work for you?

If you are in the unfortunate situation of being out of work due to redundancy or accident or sickness, Best Income Insurance will compensate you for this loss of income when you employer ceases to pay you. Best Income Insurance is not only designed to pay off mortgages or rent or other loans, but also serves as a supplementary income which you are free to use on your monthly expenses such as medical bills, credit card payments, gas and heating bills, school fees etc.

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Take control of your finances!

You will receive a monthly income for a maximum of 6 or 12 months or until you get back into work, whichever is earlier. Think about the outgoings you have each month that you cannot avoid; Best Income Insurance lets you take control of all such necessary expenses. It is a comprehensive insurance cover and it gives you the freedom to cover your expenses. Best Income Insurance is designed to support you beyond your normal monthly expenses such as mortgages, credit card payments, rent, house hold expenses, medical bills etc, it can also protect you against expenses such as council bills, gym memberships and satellite TV subscriptions. Depending on the waiting period of the policy, your claim will be paid within 30 to 90 days from the date of your unemployment.

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What can you qualify for?

Best Income Insurance pays you up to 65% of your gross monthly salary or £ 2,500 whichever is lower. It removes the financial and emotional stress of suddenly finding yourself out of employment. Good news is that you continue to meet your financial obligations regardless of a situation of accident, sickness or unemployment.

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