Private Medical Health Insurance

Private Medical Health Insurance is also commonly known as Private Medical Insurance. This insurance assists you to manage a wide range of options to cover your health problems. You can choose to cover yourself comprehensively i.e. to cover private diagnosis - consultations, tests and scans or private diagnosis and treatment and aftercare from NHS or Diagnosis through NHS and cover yourself for treatment and aftercare.

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How does it work?

Private Medical Insurance gives you the access to private medical care and the flexibility to not depend on NHS for your health care. Increasingly it is becoming clear that NHS has limitations and while many of the departments and trusts within the NHS are efficient, there is no guarantee that you will be looked after immediately if you have an illness. Sometimes you can encounter long waiting periods and in some circumstances inspite of your requirement being urgent, you may not get a date with the correct consultant. Sometimes the hospital choice may not be most convenient and there is always an issue of how much after care you need and how much the NHS is able to offer.

Private Medical Insurance covers you not only for consultation and treatment related costs but also gives you the flexibility to cover yourself for costs incurred everyday treatments such as optical and dental fees and also travel insurance so that when you are travelling abroad, you are covered for your medical bills.

All Private Medical Insurance providers give you access to their list of approved hospitals and health care centres. Generally you get better attention in such places and the facilities are easily accessible. You don't have to go to the NHS waiting list and also have the flexibility to choose the hospital that is more convenient to you. Depending on the insurer, you can also choose to cover for specific types of treatments such as physiotherapy, sports medicine, orthopaedic treatments, dental cover, cosmetic treatments and seasonal flu vaccinations, child medical insurance and cash plans.

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Critical Illness can strike anyone

While the NHS and local surgeries try their best under highly challenging circumstances, it has no benefit to you if you cannot get immediate and high quality attention when you are in pain. It is all the more unbearable if it is with children or the elderly. While you will get your treatment eventually, you don't have to wait and go through the pain if you have a Private Medical Health Care Insurance.

Unfortunately with the current pace of life and the stresses we encounter, there is no certainty about health. It is always important to make sure that you have access to prompt and high quality health care when you need. In order to get the prompt treatment, you need access to wide choice of specialist and hospitals and in order to ensure that you don't have any stresses with your treatments; the facilities should be comfortable and not give you the flexibility to be as comfortable as you can be to go through your treatments. This is exactly what Private Medical Health Insurance offers. If you are ill, you have access to the best care and treatment possible.

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Private Medical Health Insurance can reduce your stress

Sometimes more than the critical illness, it can be smaller ones such as chronic back pain, tooth ache or allergy that can give more discomfort and stress. Private Medical Insurance offers a lot of flexibility to pick and choose the policies you need. This not only helps you reduce your stress but also helps in managing your time more effectively. Some insurers also offer cash plans which means you can get on with your optical, dental and physiotherapy fees, up to the benefit limit chosen without having to worry about the daily costs you incur. These policies can be bought on a single person basis and you can also include your spouse, children and other dependants. This ensures that when members of your immediate family are unwell, you will be able to give them the care and medical attention they need without any hassle.

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Private Medical Health Insurance helps you cope better with ill-health and treatments

If you are working in a high stress environment or prone to illness, you want to make sure that you get the attention you need and are able to get back to work as quickly as possible. Private Medical Health Insurance puts you in the driving seat as you can choose the specialist you want to go to, a wide range of hospitals to choose from and also flexibility in terms of visit timings to the specialist consultants. This helps you cope better with ill-health and treatments as you don't have to be on a long waiting list and relatively inflexible treatment and visit timings.

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