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The Emotional Side of Redundancy: How Insurance Provides Peace of Mind In the UK

In the current cost of living crisis, it can be easy to feel like your peace of mind is a far-away dream. But you’re not alone. With food prices, travel costs, and everyday lifestyle expenses soaring through the roof, it’s normal to feel some worry about your future and what you’d do if the worst should happen, and you lost your job. Maybe you know someone who’s recently been made redundant, or maybe you’ve heard about the rising redundancy rates in the UK right now. Either way, if you’re worrying – don’t. Protecting your peace of mind is what unemployment insurance is for.



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This is the kind of question that can keep you up at night, but with unemployment insurance, you can put these thoughts to bed and hopefully get some sleep yourself. Unemployment insurance means that if you suddenly lost your job and it wasn’t your fault (for example, if you were made involuntarily redundant), you wouldn’t be left out in the cold. Capable of covering a maximum of 65% of your income for up to 12 months, this kind of insurance can keep your lights on and food on your table while you look for a new job.

Do I have to take any job I’m offered?

Not at all! We know that no one wants to be forced into taking a job they’re not a good fit for just because of their circumstances. That’s why, while you’re claiming, unemployment insurance will ease your financial burdens; specifically so that you can take on work that best fits your experience, financial situation, and desired career path. That way, you can take your time picking a job that’s right for you – without worrying about how you’re going to cover your next bill.

I’ve found a new job, but I have to wait a month until I’m paid – what do I do?

When you’re offered a new job, you normally don’t start the role right away. Maybe you don’t start your job for another two weeks, but you don’t want to lose any income over that period. That can sound scary, especially when you know that an unemployment insurance policy only pays out benefits when you don’t have a job. But don’t worry! You’re covered for those first few weeks, too; a claim only ends once you start the new job.

That sounds great! So, how do I get unemployment insurance?

If you want to protect your peace of mind as soon as possible, why don’t you get a quote for one of our unemployment insurance policies here today?